Monthly Archives: November 2006

Using Your Printer to Emboss!!!!

If you’re anything like me you hate stamping out each individual letter for embossing! Well, you can do it with your printer! Choose a slick paper that won’t soak up the ink immediately- vellum, glossy photo paper, etc. Then you change your printer settings to the best quality (so that it uses more ink slowly). Next, you pour embossing powder over the image and let it set for a couple seconds. Last, you use the heat gun to set the embossing powder! It’s that easy!!!!!!


The little things I can do!

Well I’ve started a new project for my mother. I am making an accordian book for her X-mas present. So far I have the cover… I try complete as much as I can between feedings, changes, naps, etc… But I can’t seem to get much done! I bet all of you know the feeling and this situation is all to familiar!