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Social Networking Woes


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I began my journey into social networking to connect with people, to socialize, and to learn fun and new things! I have met so many wonderful people through Facebook, Twitter, and various other Social Media outlets, but lately it’s been making me feel more alone and more disconnected. I started to google “problems with social media” and a whole spring of articles appeared before my fingertips. I guess I wasn’t alone…

This post is not intended to convince you to quit Twitter or Facebook. I had some happy years on twitter and wouldn’t trade them for the world!

That being said, here are the key points I really connected with:

From the article “What These Facebook Statuses Really Mean”

The Type: The Easy-Breezy New Mommy

Profile Picture: Her totes adorbs bundle of joy

Status: Everyone told me I was going to get zero sleep these first few months of parenthood, but little Matty is just so amazing and lets his Momma get eight solid hours every single night!

Translation: Lack of zzzs has made me delusional to the point that I really think this is true. Did I also mention that Little Matty was born potty-trained and bilingual? Yup-sir-ee!

**As a mom, I can totally relate to the mom envy and the kid bragging…sigh**

From the article Five reasons social networking doesn’t work”….

4. Strangers kind of suck (or, put nicely, the social hierarchy is really not that attractive)
Speaking of elitism, getting to know people is, frankly, a less attractive proposal than it first seems. Sure, business networking is valuable, and it’s great to have a lot of resources who might know someone who can help you with…something. But that argument gets a little thin when you’re suddenly bombarded with date offers or all-too-frequent postings about the unsavory or just plain uninteresting habits of the strangers you suddenly know. Moreover, social networking sites pretty quickly and inevitably degenerate into cliques. That’s normal, it happens on the blogosphere, and it’s not really even that deplorable. It’s just kind of tiresome on a daily basis. If you restrict your friends list to only the people you already know, well, then the boredom sets in. Why would you read their profiles over and over when you can just IM them, e-mail them, or meet at the baseball game?

**This is SO true!**

From the article “The 12 Major Problems with Twitter”


You don’t. Just because you tweet your innermost gems or what you had for breakfast it doesn’t mean that anyone actually read it, they may have been having breakfast themselves or cared.

Yes, you may have a thousand followers but the chances that anyone read what you tweeted is slim and because twitter can be such a distraction once you follow more than 100 people – how many people are turning off twitter whilst they get some work done?

Nobody is listening, even fewer people care.


I like waking up and seeing what the people who have awoken slightly earlier than me have been up to. On days when I don’t have emails to plough through it even feels like “having something to do”…. just checking in!  Anything that presents itself as a list often is masquerading as being “something that needs to be done” but it doesn’t need to be “done” at all.

Catching up on twitter is a substitute for not having enough interesting friends who email us, they are broadcasting trivia and you (and me) are lappin it up.


You are not. I too was amazed when, after following (THE) Stephen Fry, he followed me back. I felt honoured as I then watched my fellow tweeters attempt to engage him in fawning conversations about where to get a good espresso in Tanzania. Think about it, if you are following five thousand people, if each person only twittered you once a day that would be… a pain.

It feels like a two-way connection but it’s not.


There is the whole problem of thinking about what you are thinking about or not living a life but queuing up things you can twitter about later. This I worry about because it, from the outside at least, can look at best like depressive thinking or in some cases you can see someone disappearing up their own arse in fewer than 140 characters. I’m not sure how best to put this but to me, twitter feels inherently unhealthy.


I unfollow anyone who has 3 @follows in a row simply because it clearly shows that the person is so un-empathic that they can’t imagine that I don’t have the other person’s part of  the conversation (and really don’t care) like when you listen to someone having a loud telephone conversation of the train, it’s not the loudness that’s the problem it’s the “having only half the conversation” that’s simply rude.

Blimey.. get a chatroom!


Stephen Fry, Jonathan Ross and the gothic sex mad one that looks like Kenny Everett… Despite lots of celebrities hitting twitter, it is a great list of the really needy ones, poor old Stephen stalling bouts of depression with gadgets and cleverness, Jonthanan with his yo-yo-ing look-at-me weight problems and the gothic one with the hair. I love Stephen, Wossy and Thingy but as people we tend to forget how fucked up they are, which might just be why they’ve taken to twitter with such enthusiasm. Next week it’ll be chilli-and-chocolate collonic irigation or some such.

p.s Of course I’m not fucked up, I’m simply using twitter as part of the research in my job. Ahem.


You know the types, woeful self-promoters trying to rack up a few thousand followers so they can sell you something. Marketers like these kind of broke blogging. All technologies seem to have a trajectory that starts goes “1. cutting edge”, “2. hard to explain but valuable and promising”, “3. Popular and attracting marketers”, “4. Old hat and disappointing that it didn’t live up to expectation”, “5. Useless and on telly”.


The fact that one’s followers are explicit is bonkers. One of my clients had a crazy idea – to simply follow all his competitors followers. He made a heap of additional sales that day. Is being able to see, and contact, someone’s followers a fatal flaw in Twitter? I don’t know but it is definitely exploitable.


Whilst what I had for breakfast (porridge with blueberries and honey) doesn’t make a blog post, it warrants a tweet or maybe two if you inlcude washing up. And to be frank, like other people’s dreams, it’s as boring as hell… even with blueberries in it.


Stephen Fry doesn’t give good tweet. What he had for breakfast is about as interesting as what I had. It just happens that “Stephen Fry” just “is” Stephen Fry. And I don’t like this. The hey-day of blogging held up the promise that, maybe, anyone could make it and become A-list. If your blog posts were “good enough” you would be the one interviewed on telly about what you had for breakfast. All the followers that Stephen Fry has are because he’s a celebrity. It seems like a tiresome retreat to the old guard somehow and in my tweetstream at least there seems to be a goldrush-like race to unfollow Stephen Fry (and tweet about why you are doing it to boot).


Not only does twitter break quite a lot (although it has been remarkably stable lately), the tools built on top of twitter break even more and the tools that you use to interact with twitter (Twitterific, TweetDeck, Thwirl) are also a pile of poo that regularly breaks. I’m amazed at how strong the need to “have an audience” and “feeling like you have something to do” is that people are happy to put up with something so flaky. The strength of those needs worries me.

Having said all that, I’m far from being a twitter humbugger, I love the mobile integration (on the iphone) the almost right now immediacy, the austere simplicity of 140 characters, tweetpics and being able to GEO locate your tweets to say “I am here”. I worry about’s seeming lack of concern about lack of income because I’m really going to miss twitter once they’ve burned their way through the latest raft of funding.

So, there you have it, eleven reasons twitter might be bad for you. For the twelfth, follow me on Twitter… only kidding…

**This article really speaks to me.**

So, if you are one of the many people plugged in to many different social media outlets and starting to fray, you ARE NOT ALONE! I’ve spoke with many ppl that simply visit the sites less frequently, to ppl that have unplugged altogether and have come back at a better time in their lives, and have spoken to some ppl that have deleted their accounts altogether. I deleted my Twitter account and it feels good! No more checking the iPhone for status updates!!! Hooray!

Best of luck to you on your social media journey!



Sketchy Sunday {TG009}

Good Morning Blogosphere!

Is everyone working on the Paper Crafts Magazine sketch call!? I haven’t even started…lol! I have other important overdue deadlines I have to complete before I can commit to this call. I wish all of you the best of luck!

Here is this week’s sketch!

Just so you know, I will be choosing my favorites mid-March to be highlighted! AND, I will randomly choose one participant to win a gift certificate to one of our favorite crafty stores!

If you play along, use the sketch however you see fit~It’s okay to make changes! Also, please use keyword TG009 if you upload to an online gallery. Please link to me if you use the sketch~I comment on all the cards!

Here my card for the sketch:

As everyone knows, I have a thing for award ribbons, so I was super excited when I saw it was ON-trend at CHA! I used some old Studio Calico papers from Home Front and some Lawn Fawn stamps to complete my card!

Materials: Lawn Fawn Stamps (teeny tiny backdrops, sophie’s sentiments), Studio Calico Homefront, CTMH clear epoxy circle, CTMH ink, Staz-on ink, Fuzzimo Notebook textures

Here’s a picture from the Making Memories booth at CHA:

Pretty neat, right!?

Thanks for dropping by and I look forward to seeing ALL of your creations!


Savoring Saturday

My Perfect Saturday Morning

…wake up on my own accord.

…say hello to, feed, and let out the puppies.

…make the boys’ breakfast.

…smile at the already cleaned and folded mount washmore.

…smile at a clean sink.

…giggle at the glass of wine 1/4 finished.

…check twitter, FB, WP, and my email on the iPhone 4.

…make the perfect cappuccino.

…blog just to blog.


Here are some photos:

American Lake

American Lake

My curious liam

Fave Ralph Lauren boots

Have any fun plans for the weekend?

I have plans for lots of non-sickie family time and some deadlines!

See you tomorrow with a fun sketch!

Check out the most recent sketches HERE!

snow {sassafras lass}

Good morning everyone!

I am feeling 100 times better 🙂 Hooray! I have so much to catch up on (including a deadline or two)! Eeeps!

Today, I took the kids to the Lake in front of our house to play in the snow and I snapped some shots of him being him. This little guy has made VAST improvements not only in his speech, but in his writing skills and I’m so proud of him! He can even read a book now, Freight Train. He’s proof of all the trials and tribulations, joy, laughter, and bliss that comes part and parcel with true love. I’d say I was smitten with the little guy, but it’s much more than that.

Here’s a close-up:

All of the elements I used on the layout are Sassafras Lass, mainly the Cherry Delicious collection I picked up from Torendi while it was still open! Speaking of Torendi…Jenn has been adding Torendi items to her Etsy store little by little, so check it out here: Double N Designs.

Thanks for dropping by! Have a wonderful weekend!

missin you {OLD Studio Calico}

Good morning!

Here’s a fun card I made using some of my old Studio Calico goodies 🙂 I was a member back when they first started (about two kits in), unsubscribed for personal reasons, and recently resubscribed! I’ve seen designers come and go and have seen the kits get better and better! I’m also pleased they have a retail line!

For my card, I used another one of those Strathmore ATC sized watercolor papers 🙂 LOVE these little jewels! This time, I used watered down Claudine Hellmuth paints in Painterly Pink, Sky Blue, and Landscape Green.

Materials: Neenah Cardstock (cream), Studio Calico Anthology paper and stickers, Studio Calico Bibliography Stamp, Studio Calico Partly Sunny paper, Claudine Hellmuth Studio paints, Basic Grey Brad, Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher, Shinzi Katoh Airplane stamp, Faber-Castell Medium PITT artist pen, Staz-on ink, Strathmore watercolor paper (ATC sized)

In other news, this article was floating around twitter last night: 10 lessons for young designers. What did I take from the article? The whole bit about being original. It’s too easy to fall into the status quo and create from people’s expectations. If you’re a new designer, any kind of designer, definitely read the article. I believe when they use the word “young”, they mean green or new designers, so age is no object 😉

Thanks for dropping by!


Just wanted to share a bit of the winter we’re having over here!

Back to drinking some delicious Theraflu 😉 yum.

Happy Bird-day {Studio Calico}

Good morning blogosphere!

I’m still all yucked up (boo)! Here’s a non-stampy card for you with a hand-written sentiment 🙂 I absolutely love this card. From the hand-cut party hat for the bird, the woodgrain elements, to the hand-written sentiment…I swoon! I was inspired by Chan’s card here! I love how she cut off the strung lanterns. She’s a genius and I bet you’ll follow her after this 😉

Materials: Studio Calico Farm Fresh Doily paper, Studio Calico woodgrain bird rub-ons, Studio Calico Homefront Alphabet stickers, Divine twine (orange), Bazzill cardstock (January Birthstone), Tom-bow Marker ( 947)


Thanks for dropping by!

Craft Store Found {Paper Zone}

Good Morning Blogosphere!

I’m still sick over here, but I’ve been getting puh-lenty of rest! Thank you for all your sweet get well soon comments and emails 🙂 I appreciate every single one of them!

Last week, I was about to finish up some assignments (which are overdue) when I realized I was out of the basics: white, kraft, AND cream cardstock! EEEEps! What’s a crafty gal supposed to do???! Well, I remember hearing about this place called Paper Zone when I was crafting in Seattle, so I made my way out the door fully prepared to make the 35 minute trip. Much to my delight and surprise, my GPS found one right down the street from me! Well, 10 minutes down the highway 😉 This store specializes in all things paper…

NEENAH!!! Mountains of Neenah! Just what I needed...

This whole side of the store is cardstock, cards, & envies!

They even carry all "The L" Letterpress papers and envies!

This is their gift wrap wall...color coordinated no less!

So many colors!

Look at these gift boxes!

Party Goods! Even cupcake party goods!

They even have stuff for us paper crafters!

Oh my Hambly!

Just a small selection of their cutting/adhesive lines.



Need embellishments?

Just some of their coloring mediums! Copics are at the counter 😉

Specialty gift wrap...yum!

This whole wall is dedicated to all things Clear Bag like!


They even have Book Making Supplies!

Yummy American Crafts cardstock! My fave color: Cherry!


Super fun poloroid frames

This store has a whole lotta to offer us Paper Crafty peeps!

I’ll definitely be hitting this store up when I have to mass produce something in the future, like wedding invitations or Christmas cards! The best things about this store: it’s local and they offer free demos and samples! Pretty awesome right!? So, if you’re ever in Oregon or Washington, make this one of the places you visit!

Thanks for dropping by 🙂

CupCards To Go {March Sneak Peek}

Good Morning Blogosphere and Happy President’s Day!

Today, I have a Sneak Peek of one of my projects using the Cup Cards 2 Go March Kit with some Toppings! I had a TON of fun making this (as I’ve been sick all weekend). It was nice to create something a little more artsy and carefree 🙂 Oh, did I mention I was asked to join their awesome Design Team!!!!? I’m thrilled as CupCards To Go was THE first kit blog I ever stalked…I mean blurfed 😉 Not to mention, sweet Sonda is a fellow Army wife!

If you are here for the Blog Hop, your next stop is the ever-so-talented Cherry! EDA: Please hop to Hilary’s Blog as Cherry’s post hasn’t gone live just yet!

Be sure to check out the CupCards To Go Blog!


Thanks for dropping by!

Sketchy Sunday {TG008}

Good Morning Blogosphere!

Did you go anywhere special this weekend? Our family has some sort of cold that involves stuffy noses, teary eyes, sneezing, congestion, and coughing. We managed to have a wonderful time out and about town yesterday, but today is all about resting and I have a lot of work to catch up on! Here’s one of our favorite spots:


Hello Cupcake

Here is this week’s sketch!

Just so you know, I will be choosing my favorites mid-March to be highlighted! AND, I will randomly choose one participant to win a gift certificate to one of our favorite crafty stores!

If you play along, use the sketch however you see fit~It’s okay to make changes! Also, please use keyword TG008 if you upload to an online gallery. Please link to me if you use the sketch~I comment on all the cards!

Here my card for the sketch:

So…about my card! I played around with my Koi Aquabrush and Faber-Castell Aquarelle watercolor pencils and Big Brush Markers on the small ATC sized watercolor paper! I found these ATC sized watercolor papers from The Paper Zone earlier this week and they are SUPER fun to play with! The stamps are from Lawn Fawn 🙂

Materials: Lawn Fawn Stamps (Judy’s Blooms, Sentiment free with purchase), Kraft Cardstock, Strathmore 140 lb. Watercolor Paper (ATC sized), Koi Waterbrush, Faber-Castell Stampers’ Big Brush Markers and Aquarelle watercolor pencils, Staz-on, Memory Box cardstock, PTI ribbon, Scor-bug Embossing Tool, Scor-buddy


Thanks for dropping by!